I want to be a writer

The title says it all. I want to be a writer. This is the total opposite of how I felt about writing in high school. I cannot recall ever turning in any writing assignment in high school. At all. Not one. Then I learned something in a my first college course that made want to write more. I don’t know what that thing was, but it must have been something. Something important.

It may have been the mechanics or the spelling, grammar, punctuation or the formatting. Putting something together and making it flow was fun, for the first time. I enjoyed writing in college, to a point. But when it was time to write on my own without any direction, I got stumped.

‘What do you mean? Just write? How?’

In my business work, I found my writing to have become technical, focusing on every word, phrase, the overall tone trying to achieve the exact objective. I couldn’t just throw something together in a few minutes. It has to be perfect, wrapped up in a neat little bow. Table of Contents, bullet points for clarity, etc. All the parts of speech had to be perfectly aligned. Anything less was sloppy.

I have systematized myself and my writing right into a corner. So I am trying to get back to that free writing without a clear defined endpoint. Just write and see what happens. To write my thoughts on various things, ideas and epiphanies I may have had while driving or showering, is my goal for writing this blog. To be a better writer.


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