This one’s for you, Donna!

My inappropriate friend,

I’m at work today, because you asked me to. I am at the bottom of your call list, so when you ran out of people to call to fill in, you called me. I don’t mind. The job is easy enough, I know because I did it for two years before I met you. I think I actually trained you.

It’s funny how we switched jobs from where you were before we met. But it works because we ask each other questions that no one else knows the answers to. Like how have we handled this kind of customer situation in the past and what does the boss mean when he asks about the ‘thing for the guy’.

We got into some trouble when we shared an office, the neighboring spaces didn’t think we got any work done at all with all the laughter and such. For seemingly unrelated reasons, we were separated and I always found a reason to come see you even if you were two floors down. Now we are in buildings 5 miles apart and talk only about once a week.

We’ve been friends for a year and you’ve helped me and been there for me.  I enjoy going to the local Mexican restaurant to vent about our jobs or our men by eating chips and ranch dressing. Sometimes we even drink. Remember when we went shopping for Christmas decorations after dinner? That was fun!

You remind me what it’s like to have a social life. I needed that.  I know I help you by teaching you tips and tricks on the computer and smartphone because you say you are not ‘computery’.


I hope I didn’t offend you when I said I would dress up as you for Halloween by showing cleavage and asking strangers inappropriate sexual questions. I thought those were things you already knew about yourself.

I am looking forward to floating on the lake this summer, a tradition we barely got started last fall when you got the beach house. My schedule is more predictable now so it is going to happen for sure.

You may never get to read this letter, but I hope I am able to express my appreciation for knowing you and calling you my friend.

– A workaholic nerd with no other friends


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