A voyage of the mind

When I look at a landscape such as in the photo, I am in awe at just how big this world is. And my mind wonders about all the things happening way out there that we cannot see. This is a voyage of my mind.

The photo shows a beach of some sort with mountains in the background. Who knows how many miles we are looking at here.There could be thriving cities among those mountains, with communities of people working and playing. Children growing up and elderly ones passing on.

There could be governments and societal systems forming and molding what that place means to its inhabitants. Good or bad. Farms and industrial areas nourishing and providing for the populous. Merchant trade, laws of conduct, etc.

It could be so different that what we experience or know to be in our own lives and travels. Or it could be nothing at all. Just dirt and rocks.

And that’s only what I can imagine above the ground.

What do you think is happening under the water or sand? How many thousands of creatures are living and surviving the only way they know how just below our feet everyday?  This is where my mind goes when I go to the beach.


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